ProtectMoi sleeves for credit cards by ReturnMoi

ProtectMoi sleeves for credit cards by ReturnMoi
Protect your ID and credit card from unauthorized scanning

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Over 100 million credit cards now have RFID technology embedded into. These chips allow vendors to scan your credit card quickly and process your payment. Soon, most magnetic stripe credit and debit card will be replaced with RFID technology. While these credit cards offer ease of payment by simply waving or tapping your credit card on the terminal, thieves can use hand-held devices to read your credit card information from a distance while in your purse, wallet or pocket.

The RFID shielding technology in ProtectMe sleeves blocks this transmission from happening as long as the card is inside the sleeve. ProtectMe sleeves will hold one credit card and are made of a durable Tyvek exterior combined with our shielding material on the inside. The sleeve with the credit card will easily fit in your wallet where you normally keep it. When you need to use your credit card simply remove it from the sleeve and process your payment, then place it back in your sleeve to help protect it from any possible malicious scanning. You can tell if your credit or debit card has the RFID chip by the four wavy lines on the front or some other symbol that indicates they transmit.
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·  Specially-lined pocket blocks Radio Frequency Identification signals so that your personal information cannot be read

·  These protectors are the easiest, most cost effective way to block RFID scanners

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